Presenting lessons that allow for the discovery of concepts and the construction of the unique personality of each child through interaction with the environment.

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Toddler House

(18 months—3 years old)

Children’s House

(3 years old—6 years old)

Elementary Sports Academy

(6 years old—12 years old)


Dynamite Montessori is a joyful place where children’s spontaneity is expressed, where community is fostered, and respect is practiced. It is a safe place where the wonders of nature are discovered, and people experience kindness as the powerful force it is. Ours is a place where bilingual education is pursued, strong bodies are nurtured, lifelong friendships are formed, and the love of learning never wanes.


At Dynamite Montessori we are typically busy doing new, exciting events that will get you involved with us! Set up a tour and see how we can be a good fit for your family.